whale watching tours from Lahaina

Whale watching tours from Lahaina are offered between December and May.

           There are many different types of whale watching tours from Lahaina harbor. There seems to be something for everyone, however most actual available seats are aboard the large vessel/large group type tours. We offer something a bit different with our zodiac style ocean raft tours. First we only take small groups and we don't take them to the same places that the other tours seem to converge on, one spot or whale group. Many tours out there always have space available because the take 60 guests at a time all day long. This type of trip is best for those who like to browse a gift shop while on tour and don't mind reaching over shoulders to grab a photo. If you plan to be here on Maui this winter it is wise to book your whale watching tours in advance because we really only have room for 16 guests aboard each tour. It is a nice piece of mind to secure you dates, you can always cancel if something comes up. Our trips are a really good bargain too. Our rafts are fast and allow us to spend more time whale watching and less time travelling and finding.