whale watching tours

Our whale watching tours allow you to witness the intricate communication between these whales that you could never detect from the shore.

It is often breathtaking how these humpback whales live their lives in such a gentle way and communicate with one another in so many ways.  From breaching to tail slaps to fluke waves to babies and mothers, it’s always a something amazing to see and hear them out on the ocean.  Sometimes a whale will slowly rise straight up, nose first, until it’s eyes are above water.  This enables the animal to look directly at the people on the boat.  Their eyes are incredible to see and look very similar to a blue human eye. only their eyes are almost the size of a basketball! This behavior is called a spyhop and is a direct experience between human and whale. It is a breathtaking experience you will not soon forget. It is also a wonderful experience to see Maui from an offshore perspective.  Haleakala and the West Maui Mountains are so beautiful with the green slopes from the winter rains rising out of the ocean! Another special thing about our whale watching tours is the group size. Our quick ocean rafts are perfect for taking small groups a few steps from the beaten path.