snorkeling Snorkeling.

When you think of Maui there are probably a few different things that come to mind. Like the sweet fragrant air that hits you the moment you step from with the airplane and engulfs your senses in paradise the entire time that you are here. Or maybe it's the gentle trades and relaxed sense of time passing that is quintessential Maui. For many it is the astonishing color of the ocean higging the entire coastline of this magical island. For us these waters hold a particular charm and calling. Maui is an intoxicatingly tropical place with it's very own golden haze and fragrant winds, but it's oceans hold a secret. We would love to take you snorkeling around Maui and the even more pristine and untouched island of Lana'i. Just below the surface is a world one could never even guess at without actually entering. Lava pinnacles reaching from great depths to just kiss the surface. You will find yourself snorkeling coral reefs that flourish at the base of towering sea cliffs. As you move beneath the surface and marvel at the rainbows of reef fish you may begin to hear the clicks and whistles of dolphins.