Maui Snorkeling Tours

2.5-6 hours Small Group Snorkel Tour Snorkel & Dolphin Tours

Board our small group raft for a Maui snorkel adventure to the island of Lanai to experience the island’s sea cliffs, remote snorkel spots and dolphin watching! Take a snorkel break and enjoy fresh banana bread, fruit and lunch wraps! Snorkel gear included! Our small group tour means avoiding the crowds, one-on-one snorkel instruction and feeling like family with our crew!

Half Day Maui Snorkel Tour

Lanai Snorkeling Tour & Dolphin Watch

4 hours
Small Group

plus tax/fees
$139 adult

$109 kids


Full Day Maui Snorkel Tour

Lanai Snorkeling Tour & Dolphin Watch

6 hours
Small Group
Seasonal May-Nov

plus tax/fees
$175 adult

$144 kids


Afternoon Maui Turtle Snorkel Tour

2.5 Hour West Maui Turtle Town Snorkel Tour

2.5 hours
Small Group
Seasonal May-Nov

plus tax/fees
$109 adult

$99 kids


Maui Private Charters

Private Snorkel Boat Charters

2-6 hours
Private Group
Custom Boat Tours

plus tax/fees


Snorkel Tour Itinerary

Check in for your Maui Snorkel Tour 30 minutes prior to departure from Lahaina Harbor Slip 8!

Every Maui snorkel tour is beginner friendly and offers one-on-one snorkel instruction and a marine naturalist guide for an in water guided snorkel tour along shallow tropical reef. Our small group snorkel tour means avoiding the crowds and feeling like family with our crew! Snorkel gear and flotation devices are also included!

Board our rafting vessel and cross the channel from Maui to Lanai to experience the island’s sea cliffs, remote snorkel spots with tropical fish, turtles and dolphin watching (we see dolphins on 9/10 trips)!

Take a snorkel break and enjoy fresh banana bread, fruit, lunch wraps and other snacks and beverages (lunch included on our Full Day Tour). Our small group Maui snorkel tour means avoiding the crowds, one-on-one snorkel instruction and feeling like family with our crew! Snorkel gear and flotation devices are also included!

• The West Maui Turtle Town Snorkel Tour is our 2.5 hours afternoon snorkel tour. We snorkel one snorkel stop along Lahaina’s coast, looking for sea turtles and tropical fish. Enjoy snacks and beverages onboard. Beginner friendly and snorkel instruction included.

• The Half Day Maui Snorkel Tour is 4 hours and includes 1-2 unique snorkel spots on Lanai where you will see tropical fish and may even swim with sea turtles! This tour is offered year-round and includes whale watching during the winter months (our 2in1 Tour)! Beginner friendly and snorkel instruction on every tour, breakfast and snacks included.
• The Full Day Maui Snorkel Tour is 6 hours and has an additional snorkel stop (2-3 stops for more snorkel time) and more time for dolphin watching! This tour is seasonal and offered during the summer month, May-November. Also beginner freindly and includes snorkel instruction on every tour, breakfast, lunch wraps (gluten free and vegan wraps available per request).

Snorkel locations are weather dependent. Tours include whale watching in lieu of the second snorkel spot during migration from December-April and become our 2in1 Snorkel Tour dolphin and whale watch.

What’s Included

Snorkel Gear
Snorkel, mask and fins are included! Flotation devices include pool noodles and float belts to assist with snorkeling. Wetsuit tops are available to rent for $10 and are optional. Lifevest are onboard for emergencies but not required during the tour.
Marine Education & Snorkel Instruction
We also include snorkel instruction and a marine naturalist guide and education!
Food and Beverage
Food and beverages are included in your snorkel tours, see the section below for a full menu!

Food and Beverages

Homemade banana bread with passionfruit cream cheese and a fresh fruit platter of straw- berries and pineapple!
Lunch Wraps (Included in the Full Day Snorkel Tour)
We will have a variety of fresh lunch wraps to choose from all with sauces on the side! Chicken Caesar, Turkey, Bacon Ranch or Vegan Hummus, all with gluten free bun option per request.
Snacks include Maui Style Potato Chips and Homemade Cookies!
Beverages include Coke, Diet Coke, GingerAle, Unsweetened Green Tea and Purified Water.
adult beverages ok! Just no glass containers since we are barefoot onboard!

What to Bring
We recommend bringing a hat, sunglasses, reef safe sunscreen and a light jacket for
Maui’s tropical weather. Don’t forget your swimsuit and towel!
Most important, bring a camera or go-pro to photograph your snorkel adventure!
You are welcome to bring other beverages or snacks onboard as well, just no glass containers on our snorkel tours. There is a small water resistent storage area onboard our vessels.
Tour Restrictions and Policies

Because of our style of rafting vessels please no guests with back or neck injuries or pregnant. Children ages 4 year and older are welcome, no infants please.
We offer a flexible 24 hour cancellation policy for our group tours. Just notify us at least 24 hours prior to your tour and receive a full refund! If you have a party of 6 or more or a private charter we ask for a 72 hour notice for a full refund.

Snorkeling tours depart from Lahaina Harbor, Slip 8 on the island of Maui! The Harbor is located on the ocean side across from the Banyan Tree. Parking is free for 3 hours or less near the harbor. Closest paid parking lots are located behind Paia Fish Market on Front Street, or off Dickenson Street.

Is this Maui snorkel tours for beginner snorkelers?
Yes! The best part about our Maui Snorkel Tours is that they are small groups which means our crew gives one-on-one snorkel instruction, fits your gear to you and is in the water with you during the duration of the snorkel tour! We also provide flotation devices like float belts and pool noodles to assist beginner or experienced snorkelers.

Do I have to know how to swim to snorkel?
Although we recommend knowing how to swim before you snorkel, what is most important is being comfortable in the water. If you have spent time in the ocean and would like to snor- kel this is the best place to learn because of our small group and snorkel instruction!

Can we snorkel with Maui’s sea turtles?
Yes! Snorkeling with Maui’s sea turtles on our snorkel tour is the best place to learn how to safely interact with these protected marine animals. The protection is in place to provide sea turtles the space they require to come to the surface to breathe and continue with other normal behaviors. There are five (5) species of turtles in Maui, but the Hawaiian Green Sea turtles are the most frequent species of turtles we snorkel with in Maui!

Can we swim with dolphins on our Maui snorkel tour?
Dolphins are also protected in Maui, and while we do not get in the water or swim with them, we are able to watch them from the boat! Our low to water rafts make these encoun- ters eye-level with dolphins, making it the next best thing to swimming with them!

What other marine animal encounters can we expect to see snorkeling?
We see a variety of tropical fish when we are snorkeling! Many of the tropical fish found in Maui are found no where else in the world! We often snorkel with green sea turtles and we will guide you to safely snorkel with them following the states protection guidelines.
Another endangered and protected species you may encounter are monk seals! These sight- ing are rare and special! Reef sharks, whale sharks, false killer whales and eagle rays also make occassional appearances on our snorkel tours and that’s when having your go-pro ready to film really pays off!

Is whale watching including in our Lanai snorkel tour?
Yes! Whale Watching is included in our Maui snorkel tours during the migration months of December through April when humpback whales are in Hawaii. Whale Watching will be in lieu of a snorkel stop and well worth it!

What is the best weather for snorkeling?
“Lahaina is also located on the leeward side of the West Maui Mountains, creating the most consistent and driest weather on the island. This means we have the most sunny days on the island, making it the best place to snorkel in Maui! Often it will be raining in Wailea or Kaana- pali and be dry in Lahaina. Because we are a tropical island, weather reports are rarely ac- curate more than 24 hours out and we use special NOAA and sailing weather reports to get the most accurate weather for our Maui snorkel destinations.
With that in mind, we will reschedule snorkel tours due to weather if it wil be unpleasant or unsafe for our guests.

Still have questions? Send us a message!
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Traveler from Sandy Springs, Georgia

Highlight of our trip!

We just finished our tour. It was amazing! Captain Sean and first mate Paul took us out to see a fantastic collection of ocean delights. We saw fish, a huge pod of over a hundred dolphins, sea turtles, and more. Our crew was really helpful and had great stories and knowledge of the sea and the area-like straight out of a Hemingway novel. We really liked the small boat setting where you got individual attention. The crew were fascinating, fun, and focused on safety. We have done a number of outings this trip but this was by far the best. We took our three kids ages 11-15 and they totally loved it. Have this be the first thing you book on your trip.

mybutler Des Moines, Washington

BEST Snorkeling EVER!!!

We were fortunate enough to take a ride with Sean and Stephanie on a chance of a lifetime snorkeling trip! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They took us to a coral reef that was the most BEAUTIFUL thing we have ever seen! Sooooo many fish and the reef was unexplainable…BEAUTIFUL! They took us to see the dolphins, hundreds of them surrounding our boat! You could reach out and pet them! They took us to whale watch, we saw a whale spout twice! The boat is fast and fun and takes the waves like butter! The breakfast and lunch were included and very yummy! We will never forget that trip! Thank you, Hawaii Ocean Rafting!

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