Hawaii Ocean Rafting! The only Whale Watching in Maui  adventure that will stay out a bit longer, if the whales start really putting on a show. It’s all about the fun with us.  You can have our 30ft’ hard bottom inflatable eco raft all to yourself or enjoy the sights with 16 family members and friends. Unlike larger vessels our raft allows you to get that up close and personal eye level experience. If you don’t have a group you can join us on one of our 2 hour daily whale watches beginning in December. Aboard our rafts you can avoid the crowds, everyone has a front row seat. Our rafts are also very fast which means more time to whale watch. We have the speed to find the whales out there that don’t already have a crowd of boats already around them. Our rafts are small and unobtrusive, you can see from the picture that we are actually smaller than the whales. It adds something to the experience to be so close, you can really get a sense of their size. Most of the Maui whale watching trips offered out of Lahaina are aboard large vessels that tower above the surface and cause you to feel more removed. Our rafts also offer more adventure in and of themselves, they are really fun. Our captain and crew are also very well versed in all things whales. You can feel free to ask any questions as they narrate your Maui whale watching trip.

Whale watching in Maui!