Whale watching is one of the most popular activities to participate in, especially in Maui Hawaii where the views are exceptional and breathtaking. But how much does it cost exactly, and is it really worth spending money on whale watching in Maui Hawaii?

Types of Whale Watching

There are many ways to whale watch. From simply sitting at a beach, or getting onto a raft, or even having a private charter, options are plentiful. There are two reasons why many people say that rafts are the best way to whale watch. The first is the low-to-water style of a vessel. Instead of looking over a railing down at the whale, you are at eye-level with the whale and water instead.

Getting eye-level and personal will surely make you in awe of these gentle giants. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera and dress accordingly, because you are likely to get splashed with ocean spray on the low to water vessels. The second reason rafts are so popular is the small group size. Each accommodates less than 20 guests which makes it a more intimate family style tour. Getting to know the people you are rafting with as well as the local crew will make the experience so much more memorable.


This once-in-a-lifetime experience depends on your priorities. If you are solely looking into spotting whales, definitely choose a tour that will guarantee you the sighting. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can choose to add on activities like snorkeling. Of course, this means that it will be pricier, but it will give you the experience of the underwater world that will be memorable.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something with more flexibility, space and less crowds, you should consider a private charter which will cost more but has the amenities you are looking for. This is an option if you plan on splurging for your friends or family.

Different companies

Although the average price of whale watching is about $50-$80, it can differ between companies. Some more reputable ones can be of higher prices, but sometimes it can be good to spend a little more instead of going for a very cheap option. Some companies have cheaper whale watches, but there is typically a reason why, either the style of boat, group size or timeshare. Some companies also offer discounts if you are traveling in large groups or you are booking multiple tours, it is important to do research and compare prices.


For whale watching tours, the duration can differ. Some tours can be two hours while some can be four, including other activities such as snorkeling. They may also sail across the waters to different spots as well. As you can probably infer, the cost goes up with the time you spend onboard. The most common duration for whale watching is 2 hours and goes by quickly when you're watching whales.

It's Worth Seeing Whales

Maui is considerably one of the best places to whale watch because of the concentrated whale population and the type of surface behavior they are displaying. Whale watching is a lifelong memory, anytime is great, but go in the evening and enjoy Maui’s sunset on the water too. You won’t forget your encounters with Maui’s humpback whales, seeing them or listening to their whale songs.  So, book a whale watching tour today for an unforgettable experience.