snorkel trips to Lanai

We offer daily snorkel trips to Lanai leaving from Lahaina harbor on Maui's West side. Lahaina harbor is the most convenient hopping off place for a trip to Lanai. For those of you staying at Kaanapali, Napili, Kahana, and Lahaina the drive to the harbor is less than 20 minutes.  As you watch the sunset from your balcony or stroll the beach have you looked out at that island in the distance with curiosity? Chances are you have and the pristine island of Lanai does not disappoint. If you have not made it to the islands that make up Maui Nui you may want to consider fitting in a trip to the island of Lanai. Our snorkel trips to Lanai are so much more than just snorkeling.

Snorkel trips to Lanai are basically all of the trips you can take rolled into one. But the snorkeling is world class and would be worth it without the adventurous trip across the busy channel. There are too many unique snorkeling spots to describe. It is one of those things where those that have been will know, and will tell you       " Oh you must go, its amazing". One spot that leaves many speechless is a particular pinnacle that we visit. you would never know it was there, hiding below the surface in more than 65 feet of water. As we slow and prepare to anchor, you may wonder what we are possibly thinking. This giant pinnacle stretches from the sea floor to less than 4 feet below the surface. You can snorkel over the top and down around the sides, There are so many different habitats in this one spot, each with its own groups of fish.

We offer daily half day snorkel trips to Lanai aboard high speed ocean rafts. The ride across the channel is about 45 minutes and full of whales and dolphins, once at Lanai you will experience some truly pristine snorkeling. We provide food, drinks, and all the gear and instruction you will need.