snorkel the island of Lanai

Snorkel the island of Lanai.

We offer daily tours leaving from Lahaina harbor on the island of Maui. This time of year we also offer whale watching tours leaving from the same spot. Our half and full day tours allow you to snorkel the island of Lanai far from the beaten path. Each trip departs in the morning and sets out across the channel over to the island of Lanai. This time of year we travel right through the action of the humpback whales that are visiting us from their Northern feeding grounds. We will stop and experience the wonder of the whales and get a few photos on our way to some of the best snorkeling in the world. Once we move beyond the whales we are often greeted by the numerous dolphins of Lanai. It seems that they enjoy the wake created by our high speed eco rafts. We see spotted, spinner, and bottle nosed dolphins on most of our trips to snorkel the island of Lanai. There is truly something transformative about peering below the surface of the magnificent ocean that surrounds us all, often so mysterious. The sounds and worries of every day life will fade away for a time and you will start to hear the pops and clicks of parrotfish and the far off songs of the humpback whales. Join us for the day and explore the waters and soaring sights of the island of Lanai.