maui whale watching

Maui whale watching season is just around the corner!

Our Maui whale watching tours begin in December, what a Christmas gift that would be!

Our Maui whale watching tours will begin again this coming December. Four months may seem like a long way away, but it can sneak up on you. The Holiday season is one of the busiest in the Islands and it is wise to book your tour in advance. Imagine arriving here along with the whales and being left to peer out from the shore. Maui whale watching season is just around the corner and so is Christmas, combine the two?

Maui Whale Watching with Hawaii Ocean Rafting

We know that there are quite a few choices out there for Maui whale watching, nd there a few things that set us apart. We operate high speed ocean rafts, which allow us to spend more time whale watching and less time travelling. Our speed allows us to step off the beaten path and find our own whales. Our focus is taking small groups out and avoiding the crowds.

A Christmas Gift to love

Many folks plan vacation to someplace warm during the Winter break, the humpback whales do too. What a wonderful Christmas gift a Maui whale watching tour would be. You could surprise your loved ones with the experience of a lifetime. A gift like that would create memories that would last a lifetime. The whales stay for a while though, so if you will be on Maui anytime between December and May book a tour!