A Maui whale Watching Checklist, hold on to it!

The 3 Areas to Never Compromise When Choosing a Whale Watching Tour; A Maui Whale Watching Checklist.

  1. A Fast Boat

    This one may not seem obvious, but it really is one of the most important aspects. You can end up with better value as well as an overall superior experience. A quick vessel is a better use of your time. As you do your research you will see the larger vessel tours are pretty easy to some by but they are also slow and spend far more time travelling to the whales than actual whale watching. We operate high speed ocean rafts that leave 3 times per day from Maui's Lahaina harbor. One benefit of choosing a quick vessel is that you will leave the harbor and spend more time solely dedicated to actual whale watching. Another benefit of our quick vessels is that it allows us to locate our own whale activity and avoid the crowds of folks all circled around the same pod of whales. You will enjoy the more intimate experience and we think that the whales probably enjoy it more too.

  2. A Small Group

    The benefit of choosing a small group tour really can't be stressed enough. You choose to book a whale watching tour to experience these gentle giants in all of their mystery and majesty. This is very difficult to do when you are bumping elbows with strangers and peering over shoulders. On a small vessel you will be low in the water at an eye to eye level rather than peering down from 30 feet above. When you choose to whale watch with us you will find that each seat is literally a front row seat. There are often times when a curious whale will swim directly below our raft and surface with a giant puff on the other side. On our boat you can watch the whale go under and come out on the other side, even video the whole thing. Small groups also mean no whale photos with strangers heads and hands in them. If whale photography is an important aspect for you, choose a small group tour.

  3. Knowledgable Captain and Crew

    No two whale watching tours are ever exactly the same, because no single whale interaction is ever the same. Whale behavior is very complex and full of so many factors. Whales are giving birth and nurturing and protecting their calves while simultaneously being persued by multiple suiters looking for a mate. All of these male suiters are competing with each other as well. Then you throw in all of the breaching, spyhopping, and peduncle throws and it helps to have a good translator.