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Sunbathing aside, snorkeling is one of Maui's most popular activities. There are many different types of operations out there, you will be presented with large and small groups and fast and slower moving vessels. It is hard to know which you will be getting when you book without a little research. Here is a bit about what you can expect aboard Hawaii Ocean Rafting. We are a small family company that has been in this business for 30 years, and we love it. We operate two high speed eco rafts called "Man o War" and "Great White", these guys are fast and fun. We specialize in taking small groups far from the beaten path. Because we are quick and take small groups, we can use more of our time snorkeling and dolphin watching. When we arrive at our destination you will be snorkeling with Maui's marine life not 60 other people. When we say far from the beaten path we mean it, our snorkeling tours will take you to the pristine coastline surrounding the island of Lana'i. Lana'i is home to dolphins, dolphins, and more dolphins and they love to play in the waves (wake) created by our quick rafts. If you book our full day snorkeling tour we will actually circumnavigate the entire island of Lana'i. Join us and experience some world class snorkeling, sightseeing and dolphine watching.