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Though Humpbacks are not the largest whales in the world, they can grow up to 50 feet long, weighing approximately 80,000 pounds, making them the 5th largest of the whales. Humpbacks have the longest pectoral fins of all whales making them easily recognizable. The massive head of the humpback whale has two blowholes, on top, side by side for breathing. Humpback whales are mammals and breathe air at the surface. Some other noticeable characteristics of the humpback are its tubercles. These round bumps are found on the top of the head and lower jaw with at least one wire-like hair protruding from each one. These hairs are thought to help them sense in a way we do not totally understand but is thought they may allow the whale to detect movement in nearby waters. Humpback whales have been researched by qualified experts for many years, and still many of their characteristics are mysteries. An example of the elusive and unknown behavior of the humpback whale can be illustrated by what we know of birth. To this day, the birth of a newborn calf has never been documented or filmed.  Humpback whales in Maui are greatest in number between December and May, book a whale watching tour online and save   %15 automatically.