lanai snorkeling

Our Lanai snorkeling tours leave daily from Maui's Lahaina harbor. Our high speed eco rafts will zip you across the channel to the pristine snorkeling around the island of Lanai. This is the spot to go to witness a truly healthy reef, a large variety of fish and truly striking surroundings. Once below the surface you can experience an abundance and variety of marine life, including large parrot fish, goatfish, and schools of convict tang. Plus, there is always potential to spot the beloves hawaiian spinner dolphins. Thier curiosity may just bring them to you, listen while you are snorkeling you may just hear them clicking and whistling. This time of year is a particularly special time of year for our snorkeling guests. While we are not doing devoted whale watches yet, most of our trips are getting so spend some time with the humpback whales on the way to Lanai. What could be better than Lanai snorkeling, myriad tropical fish, dolphins, and whales, all in the same trip? Our full day Lanai snorkeling adventure actually circumnavigates the entire island of Lanai. This is a very rare experience for most Maui visitors or even locals. There is a secret spot on the back side of Lanai, you can't see it from Maui. If the weather works with us we can get right up close and snorkel around a giant shipwreck. There are also chances to swim ashore to beaches that very few souls have set foot on. Check us out at and save     %15 when you book direct.

Lanai snorkeling and whale watching