lahaina whale watches

Our Lahaina whale watches offer some of the best whale watching in the world. The waters off of West Maui are shielded by the West Maui Mountains and Haleakala, creating calm and clear waters for high visibility. Humpback whales are also drawn to the area’s shallow waters, less than 600 feet deep, making Maui an ideal spot to start your voyage during the winter whale watching season from December to May. If you find yourself in Maui you really should treat yourself to the scenic views only possible at sea. Our experienced Captains and crew will take you to the best spots to observe whales playfully surfacing, tail slapping, or blowing spouts in the air.

Our Lahaina whale watches will also give you a chance to check out historic Lahaina town. Walk around and enjoy the sights and grab some lunch at one of more than 100 eateries. From 1825 to 1860, Lahaina was the center of whaling in Hawaii. This port town was once the royal capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom before it was moved to Honolulu in 1845.  As you leave the harbor you will see the Pioneer Inn, this place was built in 1901 and has a real flavor of the boisterous days of Sailors and whalers. During this time, Lahaina was known as the Pacific’s most significant whaling port. At its peak, whalers were hunting thousands of whales each year—to the point of near extinction. Today, conservation has helped to increase the overall whale population in Hawaii.