humpback whale watching from Maui.

Humpback Whale Watching from Maui!

Humpback whale season is fast approaching, you may have noticed there are already quite a few here. Humpback whale watching from Maui lasts from the middle of December through the beginning of May. These whales migrate to the islands to mate and give birth. The Hawaiian islands happen to be the largest breeding ground for humpbacks in the North Pacific. These creatures are mysterious even to those that study them professionally. No one knows why they migrate, but it is thought that the warm water and relatively shallow waters are best suited to their reproductive success. There are humpback whales all over the planet, but our particular whales make their journeys from Alaska and Canada. These whales that visit us for nearly six months of the year are not the same group the entire time, in fact the average stay for an individual whale is only two weeks.

Whale watching from Maui is some of the best in the world, scientists from around the world arrive each year to study these whales. We have had the pleasure of taking many some of the worlds top researchers out to study these giants. Whale watching is an experience of a lifetime. Our trips are all aboard our high speed eco rafts. We take small groups and because we are fast we can avoid the crowds of boats also. We are quick so we can head for whales off in the distance. There is something special about being the only ones out there, just us and the whales. Our Captains and crew are very experienced and are very excited about their jobs, you can probably ask them anything about whales or anything else in the way of marine life and Maui. Starting on December 15th we will begin offering humpback whale watching from Maui each day. We offer three whale watch trips a day as well as a variety of snorkeling trips.