Whale watching on Maui is arguably the most popular activity the island has to offer. What makes Maui so unique is not only that whales migrate to the warmer waters of the Hawaiian islands but they chose the channels and ocean inlets that weave between the county islands as the place to give birth to and raise their calves.

Unlike any other place is the world— humpback whales who come to Maui will spend months with their calves teaching them the skills they need and giving them the nutrients to ensure a safe and fast travel back North come the summer months.

Those calves then return to Maui to mate, give birth and raise their own. There are records of lineages of these whales and their calves that have called Maui their home whom local and international marine biologists alike have logged and studied for years.

If you are looking for an exceptionally unique experience— book your Maui whale watching tour today!

Where Can You Whale Watch in Maui

Whales come to Maui towards the latter half of each fall to give birth to their calves in the tropical waters. They then spend the months of around November to April, raising their calves, weaning them, and teaching them the necessary skills they need to not only survive the environmental conditions that plague their trek back North but to thrive within their pod.

If you are looking to book a whale watching tour on your Maui vacation it is best to looks for tours leaving from the south and west sides of the island. These boats have experienced captains and naturalist who can spot pods with the environmental knowledge and responsibility to determine a distance safe for the passengers and the whales. The south and west sides of the island are also the shores that connect with the Maui Nui Basin which is the channel where the majority of the humpback whales reside when visiting Maui.

While it is illegal to swim with the whales, the best way to experience them is on a whale watching tour where you also gain the opportunity to learn more about the species, their journey to the island, and most likely a show filled with breaches, tail slapping, and even jumps out of the water so great they will rock the boat!
Whale Watching on Maui

What Whales Come to Maui

The species of whale that comes to Maui each year are humpback. These baleen whales grow to over 50 feet long and can way as much as 30 to 50 tons! Humpback whales are not only some of the largest marine creatures out there but they are known for their unique and entertaining characteristics!

If you book a whale watching tour in Maui you are booking front row seats to one of the greatest natural acrobatic shows on the planet! These whales (and their young) have been known to come and greet the different boats carrying groups of visitors looking for a good snorkel spot and give them fin-slapping splash!

When Can You Whale Watch in Maui?

The humpback whales tend to arrive to Maui at the end of the fall and going into the winter months (around end of November and leaving through April/May).

Whale watching tours are some of, if not the most, popular thing you can do as a visitor to Maui. Visitors come from around the world year after year to watch whales. Film crews from National Geographic, Disney and research groups come to Maui every year to capture unique footage of humpback whales and learn more about their behavior and environment. To make sure you catch these whales before they migrate North or the boats sell out— reserve your spot now! It's fun for the entire family.