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Whale Watching from Lahaina.


We specialize in experiences off of the beaten path. Our trips leave four times a day for whale watching from Lahaina harbor. We operate high speed eco rafts that carry small groups and allow us to avoid the crowds. There are a variety of whale watching companies operating out of Lahaina harbor, many are large vessels that move slowly and carry upwards of 60 passengers at a time. We are fast and can venture out farther to find our own whales. Whale watching from Lahaina can be the experience of a lifetime, especially when you can view them eye to eye. Our rafts are low profile, which means you are not looking down over railings, you are at sea level and it makes a difference. Our whale watches are 2 hours long which leaves you the rest of the day to explore the area around the harbor.

From 1825 to 1860, Lahaina was the center of whaling in Hawaii. This port town was once the royal capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom before it was moved to Honolulu in 1845. During this time, Lahaina was known as the Pacific’s most significant whaling port. At its peak, whalers were hunting thousands of whales each year—to the point of near extinction. Today, conservation has helped to increase the overall whale population in Hawaii.

You can still explore Lahaina’s whaling past today. Neighboring the harbor, the  Pioneer neer Inn—which was built in 1901—recalls the ambiance of whaling days. Echoes of the past can be found throughout this historic town from the modest Lahaina Lighthouse (the oldest lighthouse in the Pacific) to Hale Paahao, the Old Lahaina Prison, where rowdy sailors were rounded up for the night in the 1850’s. Off of Kaanapali beach, the  Whaler’s Village mall also has an extensive Whaling Museum that is free to the public.

Whale watching from Lahaina: make a day of it!