whale watching from maui

Whale watching from Maui can't be beat!

When you a looking around and deciding what kind of whale watching trip you would like to have, there a few different things to consider. The average tour lasts 2 hours and is pretty standard. If you want a longer whale watching experience you can privately charter a vessel. One of the main things to consider is vessel size and group size. Many of the companies out there operate vessels that are larger and carry groups of around 60 passengers. While this is sometimes a bargain option you may find yourself battling a crowd to get a glimpse. You may also be cutting your whale watching time in half as these vessels tend to be S  L  O  W. We would like to suggest another option for your next whale watching tour. We operate high speed eco rafts that comfortable seat about 16 passengers. Each seat is literally a front row seat, you won't spend any time running from one side of a giant boat to the other to snap a photo.  Our rafts are a blast to ride in and they allow us to spend less time travelling and more time whale watching. Why not stray a bit from the beaten path next time you go whale watching. We start our Winter season on December 15 and if you book now you can lock in current prices throughout 2016!