whale watching tours

Whale watching from Lahaina is convenient and offers so many ways to spend the rest of your day.

Our Maui whale watching tours leave from Maui's historic Lahaina harbor. For whale watching from Lahaina we offer trips throughout the day. You could hop on a morning trip, come in for lunch on Front Street, and head back out for an afternoon trip. What a way to spend the day! Our high speed rafts are a super fun way to get out there and see some whales. Because we are fast we can spend less time traveling and more time whale watching. Our speed also allows us to avoid the crowds of larger slower vessels all watching the same group of whales. We specialize in taking small groups far from the beaten path. Our small vessels and small groups allow you to capture great pictures and video footage because every seat is front row. Our vessels all carry "hydrophones" that allow us to amplify the whale songs below through a speaker above board, this is always a favorite among our guests. Stop by slip 8 and chat with our booth folks,they are full of great info. Or book directly online and save %15. www.hawaiioceanrafting.com  808-661-RAFT to go whale watching from Lahaina.