up close whales

Up Close Whales

Most of you will be able to see some whale activity from your Lanai.  You may wonder why even go on a whale watching tour?  You may not be able to truly understand the difference until you actually get out there on the water up close and personal. It is hard to gauge the actual size of these giants from shore. One may think they are like a giant dolphin. The actual size of an adult humpback whale is actually more like a school bus and this is very clear when one swims under our raft.

The large puff of breath from up close whales is easily visible from shore and not an uncommon sight. You will quickly discover that this breath is no mere puff when it emits from a giant 10 feet from the raft. This breath is rumbling bass with a force of air that is shocking in its power. Going out on a whale watching tour allows you to experience the intricate relationships between mother and calf and bulls and escorts. The competition pod is turbulent and grand as a group of males compete for a mate.

You may also witness the tenderness as a mother lifts her calf to the surface as a reminder to take a breath. The experience that really touches most of our guests is the “mugging”. A “mugging” is when a whale takes a break and comes over to check us out and the often pop up beside the raft and look us right in the eye. One of our favorite things to do is turn off our engines and drift. We put a hydrophone in the water so you can hear the whale songs being sung below.