Maui offers a myriad of family-friendly adventures, making it a perfect destination for parents looking for enriching and exciting activities. If you are searching for the best things to do in Maui with kids, you have come to the right place. From its pristine beaches to its rich cultural experiences, Maui provides an ideal backdrop for families aiming to create lasting memories.

Explore Maui's Marine Life

Snorkeling Adventures

One of the most magical things to do in Maui with kids in Maui is snorkeling. The clear waters of Kapalua Bay Beach offer a safe and stunning environment for children to swim alongside colorful fish and maybe even spot a sea turtle. For families seeking a guided experience, joining a Maui snorkeling tour can provide an educational and secure way to explore Maui's underwater world.

Discover Lanai

For a day trip that combines adventure with the thrill of discovery, consider a Lanai snorkel & dolphin watch. This excursion not only introduces families to the enchanting marine life but also offers the chance to see playful dolphins in their natural habitat.

Cultural Insights and Hawaiian Heritage

Visit a Luau

No trip to Maui is complete without experiencing a traditional Hawaiian luau. This cultural feast offers an explosion of flavors and a glimpse into the rich Hawaiian traditions through music, dance, and storytelling. It is an educational and fun evening that captivates children and adults alike.

Explore the Cultural Heritage of Upcountry Maui

For a different cultural experience, explore the scenic and culturally rich Upcountry Maui. Visit the charming town of Makawao, known for its paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) history and arts scene. Here, families can stroll through local galleries, watch glassblowing demonstrations, and learn about the island's ranching heritage at the Makawao History Museum.

Additionally, a visit to the Aliʻi Kula Lavender Farm offers a peaceful retreat with stunning views and insights into the agricultural traditions of the area. This exploration provides a tangible way for kids to learn about Hawaii's cultural history away from the popular tourist spots.

Active Explorations

Hiking in Iao Valley

For families who enjoy nature, a hike through Iao Valley can be breathtaking. The lush scenery and accessible trails make it a perfect spot for a family outing. The iconic Iao Needle offers a stunning backdrop for family photos and a chance to talk about the geological forces that shaped Maui.

Adventures on the Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is famed for its natural beauty and the numerous stops along the way that offer everything from waterfalls to exotic gardens. Although the drive is long, it is filled with opportunities to explore and let children experience the raw beauty of Maui's rainforest and coastlines.

Relax and Unwind

Beach Days

Maui's beaches are ideal for families, with gentle waves and golden sands at places like Kaanapali Beach or the more secluded Wailea Beach. Here, kids can build sandcastles, swim in the safe waters, or you can simply relax under the sun.

Maui Ocean Center

For a day away from the beach, the Maui Ocean Center offers fascinating insights into the island's marine life without the need to get wet. It is educational and engaging for children, with interactive exhibits and a glass tunnel through a shark tank.

Maui is an island that welcomes families with open arms, offering a variety of activities that cater to all ages and interests. At Hawaii Ocean Rafting, we strive to make your family's visit as thrilling and memorable as possible with tours that explore the beauty of the ocean and the secrets it holds.

Whether you are snorkeling over coral reefs or learning about Hawaiian culture, Maui is sure to offer an enriching experience for the whole family. Join us to discover the best of Maui and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.