snorkeling around lanai

Our ocean ragts can take you snorkeling around the island of Lanai which is truly some of the best in the world. We all know that Maui has a well deserved reputation as a breathtaking and low key vacation spot. The tropical breeze is relaxing and the crystal blue waters are refreshing and full of life. Not everyone knows about Maui's lesser known and uniquely breathtaking neighbor island, Lanai. This sparsely inhabited privately owned island is home to some of the states absolute best snorkeling. You won't be able to reach these snorkel spots by any road system like on Maui. Lanai's remoteness help to preserve the beauty of the healthy and lively reefs surrounding the island. Snorkeling around Lanai is a trip far from the beaten path. A super bonus on this tour is the dolphins! Lanai is home to three different species of Dolphin and we see the on nearly every single tour. They often swim out to greet us and play in the waves created by our speedy ocean rafts. The Hawaiian spinner dolphins are especially fun to watch as they leap from the water and spin through the air, landing with a giant slap and a splash.

snorkeling around Lanai