snorkeling with turtles

There is a bit of misinformation out there when it comes to snorkeling with turtles. We get quite a few phone calls asking if we go to "turtle town", and the answer is yes and no. First of all, there is no one "turtle town". Wouldn't it be odd if all the turtles lived in one little spot, with the entire coastline of Maui at thier flipper tips? In reality there are many areas where turtles tend to hang in out in larger numbers and unending cleaning stations for the turtles too. We avoid the crowds (of people) and have found some really great spots to snorkel with turtles. Mala wharf on Maui's West side is one such spot. There once was a giant concrete pier just West of Lahaina. Hurricane Iniki destroyed the pier and it still lies below the surface as a man made reef teeming with life. This spot is one of our favorite turtle spots and we are usually the only group there. You get to see more natural turtle behavior when you visit them away from the crowds. Less stress on the turtles means a better experience for all. One final word on snorkeling with turtles, it is the most important thing about the whole experience. It is never ok in any way to ever touch a sea turtle. So lets get out there and make some memories and snap some photos!