snorkeling Lanai Snorkeling Lanai is the best. There are a lot of great snorkeling spots in the waters surrounding Maui. Many spots are right on the road system and you should check them out if you like to snorkel. They are worth a look but can be a bit crowded because they are so easy to get to. The heavy snorkeling traffic can mean that you don't get to see all the marine life in the most natural setting. There is another option and it requires stepping off the beaten path a bit. The island of Lanai is sparsely populated with no road system snorkel spots. The reefs surrounding this island are the healthiest and most pristine that you will find. Snorkeling Lanai is like no other place in the Hawaiian islands. Our high speed eco rafts are fast and can take you to places you will not believe. One particular place that we love is a giant pinnacle that rises from the sea floor in 60 feet of water and almost reaches the surface. This spot is amazing because you can dive down and investigate the sides of the pinnacle as well as swim right over the top in just 4 feet of water. It is world class!