snorkeling Lanai with a small group

As you browse brosures or chat at the activity counters you will surely be made aware of the granduer that is Molokini. Molokini is an amazing natural cresent shaped tiny island and is certainly cool in that respect, but if you are going for the snorkeling you may be dissapointed. Had you gone 20 years ago it probably would have been unrivaled in its myriad fish and turtles, as well as flourishing corals. Today however, it has frankly been over snorkeled. Hundreds of snorkelers visit this tiny cresent every single day of the year, some days there is actually a shiny layer of sunscreen on the oceans surface.

So, that being said let us suggest another spot. We think you should consider snorkeling Lanai. Maui's lesser known neighbor island is sparsely inhabited and also a bit of a boatride from Lahaina harbor which means that the big old boats full of people just don't make the trek. Our high speed eco rafts make it possible for us to make the trip with plenty of time left for snorkeling. Lanai is home to some of the most pristine reefs Maui has to offer. The snorkeling varies greatly as you circumnavigate the island, from shallow water reefs to giant pinnacles reaching the surface from a depth of 60 feet. We only take small groups, snd we take them to some of the best most untouched spots in the islands. Join us and hop off the beaten path for a bit.