snorkeling is safe

Sharks, Eels, Jellyfish, Oh MY (snorkeling is safe)

In reality the Maui snorkeling scene is more like dolphins, turtles, fish oh My! All ocean waters are indeed home to sharks, eels, and jellyfish, but we are certainly not thier prey and they are (and it’s the truth) more afraid of us than we need to be of them. You may be lucky enough to see an eel just poke its head out of a hole on the coral and just as quickly tuck it back in. Jellyfish are also pretty rare (at least the stinging kind, which is all we are worried about, right?) when the stingers are around the whole island knows and we avoid their hangouts. The stinging jelly fish are only around a couple of times a year. As for sharks, well it just doesnt happen. Google snorkeling on Maui’s West side and sharks and you will come up empty handed. You may glimpse a reefshark hightailing it when it sees you. You may also see a tiger shark looking for scraps in the harbor, by this point you will be safely back on the raft. (nobody swims in the harbor). Snorkeling is safe, the marine life you will encounter is more like fish, seals, dolphins, turtles, and whales in the winter.

You Do Not Need to Be An Olympic Strength Swimmer to Enjoy Snorkeling

This belief is just patently false and there are a few reasons for this. First each of our tours is decked out with enough flotation to keep even the most reluctant swimmer afloat. We have flotation belts that you can actually bucke around your waist. Some prefer our boogie boards as a means of security, and we also have a whole bunch of pool noodles. However with a little trust in our expert instruction you will find that once you mask dips below the surface and your fins are securely on your feet, snorkeling is the most natural and struggle free experience you have ever had in the water. You just float along gazing at the beauty below and give a lazy kick every once in a while. It’s pretty zen really. You will find that snorkeling is safe and also really fun!

It Appears That Some Folks Believe That a Quiality Snorkeling Tour is Not Within Their Budget

Just to begin to address this belief we must point out that you can’t fairly equate snorkeling from the road system to snorkeling by boat off the beaten path. Our small group tours zip you across the channel to the neighbor island of Lana’i for pristine world class snorkeling. The half day snorkeling tour includes, food, beverage, snorkeling gear, and expert instruction all for under $80 when you book online. You could spend $80 walking from one end of the shops at Wailea to the other and not have a lifelong memory or stunning underwater photo to keep forever. Choose snorkeling, you won’t regret it.

snorkeling is safe