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We offer a variety of trips that allow you to go snorkeling from Lahaina. Our half and full day trips both head over to the majestic island of Lanai. Lanai offers some of the best snorkeling in the world. Lanai is a sparcely inhabited island with breathtaking rugged landscapes. You will see soaring cliffs as well as pinnacles rising up out of the sea. Snorkeling offers a variety that can't be found snorkeling Maui's road system. Lanai's breathtaking landscape is mirrored in the sights below the surface. One of our favorite spots to snorkel is so unexpected from the surface. Upon first inspection it appears that we are stopping to snorkel in 60 feet of water, which we are but there is a surprise just below the surface. Soaring from the sea floor is a giant pinnacle that rises to just feet below the surface. This is a truly amazing spot because of the varied habitats visible in one site. You can snorkel over the top of the formation in a mere 4 feet of water or dive down the sides into deeper water. The fish and corals vary between the depths all around this giant pinnacle. It is truly a breathtaking experience.