Hana, Haleakala, and Snorkel Lanai.

When you visit Maui there are a few things that you really should find the time to do. Some are easier to do than others. Hana is a magical place unlike anywhere on earth, but be prepared for a bit of a windy road. The views from Haleakala national park are also unlike anything on earth, a moonscape surrounded by lush green and sparkling blue in the distance. Haleakala is also a bit of a winding drive, Both Hana and Haleakala are worth the effort though. There is another magical adventure to be had and that is to snorkel Lanai. Lanai is an island among the islands of Maui County. This island offers so many different types of marine coral scapes for you to experience. When you snorkel Lanai you will find giant pinnacles that rise from great depths to nearly kiss the surface at their tippy tops, you can snorkel all around and up and over, spectacular. There are glassy spots with coral mazes just five to ten feet from the surface. All of these pathways through the coral reefs offer homes and protection for turtles, eels and a myriad of colorful and exotic fishes. There are little bays lined with coral reef, and one of these had a large rock in the middle that we call Shark fin, (it looks like a giant shark fin). An lets not forget the three different species of dolphins that call Lanai home. When we head over to snorkel Lanai we often have escorts in the way of spinner dolphins. These acrobats leap from the sea and spin over and over again the air. We are often lucky enough to encounter the more elusive and highly intelligent bottle nosed dolphins, oh and don't forget the smaller spotted dolphins. Like Hana and Haleakala, Lanai is like no other place on the planet. Unlike Hana and Haleakala, you must only get yourself to Lahaina harbor and we do the rest. Join us!