lanai snorkel tour

From Maui, venture to the coast of Lanai for a snorkeling adventure! The Hawaiian island of Lanai is virtually untouched, often called 'Pineapple Island' for the abundance of pineapple groves. Much like the island, the waters surrounding it are untouched by humans and teeming with colorful and vibrant sea life. Lanai is an island that offers so much variety, from its towering cliffs to just below the surface pinnacles and caves. Snorkel Lanai and you just may get hooked. Our rafts are fast, which means that we can spend less time travelling and more time snorkeling. We can also show you spots that the bigger vessels just cant get into. There is someting magical about setting out from the harbor with a small group of folks and finding spots off the beaten path. We believe that people who choose to go out with our small family owned company are looking for a little more than a photo op and snorkeling right next to 60 other people. One of the reasons that we choose to snorkel Lanai instead of the way to popular Molokini is just that, the poor ecosystem there just does not need one more boat.

So, if you choose Hawaii Ocean Rafting to experience the quiet beauty of Lanai your morning begins at Maui’s Lahaina Harbor, where you will board our high speed eco raft and set for for some great snorkeling. During your trip across the channel to Lanai you can enjoy a our scrumptious continental breakfast as well as a breathtaking view. As you approach Lanai keep your eyes out for dolphins, as these waters are home to a few pods!