Small Group Lanai Snorkel Tours

Who else wants to check snorkeling in the waters of Lanai off their Hawaii bucket list? Well now you can by joining Hawaii Ocean Rafting for our Half Day Snorkel Tour! Due to the lack of people living on the island and pollution, Lanai offers some of the clearest waters and most pristine coral reefs in all Hawaii! When snorkeling, you will see breathtaking corals that are beyond imagination and abundance of tropical fish. Make sure you take advantage of this snorkel opportunity by going out with us. Our rafts are geared for the snorkel and adventure enthusiast!

How do you get over to Lanai? Well, there is a nine-mile trek across the Au’au Channel that needs to be completed to get from one island to the next. With Hawaii Ocean Rafting, the journey across this channel is half the fun! Our small fast rafts can zip you to locations much faster than large boats. During whale watching season, you can see Humpback Whales splash in the water and play. Humpback Whales love to play in the channel between Maui and Lanai because the islands shelter them from harsh wind and other weather conditions. Seeing these magnificent creatures is truly magical and a must do for your Hawaiian vacation! Humpback whale season typically runs from December to early May here in Hawaii.

Additionally, most of our tours get the opportunity to see Spinner Dolphins off the coast of Lanai as well! They love to frolic and play in the wake that is created by our rafts. As their names suggests, Spinner Dolphins are known for jumping out of the water and spinning many times in the air. It is truly astonishing to see! A plus of spinner dolphins is that they can be seen and live in our waters year-round. Being that our rafts are closer to the ocean compared to larger vessels, you can get that up close experience everyone wishes for!

There are many different snorkeling locations in the waters of Lanai but some of our favorites include Manele Bay, Fish Rock and Club Lanai. You will see that Lanai snorkel locations are much less crowded than other locations such as Molokini Crater on Maui. For our Full Day snorkeling trips that operate from the months of April to December, we circumnavigate the entire island! This trip offers sights unseen by the vast majority of visitors! On the backside of the island there is a shipwreck that towers above the water that is very interesting to see and great for photos!

Snorkeling Lanai is truly a remarkable experience. We look forward to welcoming you aboard and providing the exceptional service we are known for! Call us at 808-661- RAFT (7238) to book your next Private or Group snorkeling adventure!

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