world class snorkeling

The secret to Maui's world class snorkeling is that it isn't actually on Maui. Let us introduce you to Maui's lesser known neighbor island, Lana'i. We have been spacializing in Lana'i for 30 years now and love that it remains a mystery to many. This gem of an island is privately owned and sparsely inhabited. You wont find any road system along these rugged coastline. You will notice snorkeling around Maui can become quite crowded because everyone can just park the car and hop in. The only way to experience Lanai's world class snorkeling is by boat. We offer two different tours, the half day and the full day tour. Both tours snorkel several different completely unique spots around the island. The full day tour circumnavigates the entire island which includes a giant shipwreck (weather permitting of course).