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Maui Whale watching.

Humpback whales were once plentiful in oceans worldwide. The global population was depleted by the commercial whaling industry at the start of the 20th century. Now, as many as 12,000 animals may migrate to Hawai‘i each year. This endangered species is slowly making a comeback to its estimated pre-whaling population of 15,000 to 20,000 animals.

Humpback whales spend summer months feeding on zooplankton and small fish that flourish in the colder, nutrient-rich waters of temperate and sub-polar regions like Alaska. Their annual migration to the tropics during winter is an amazing feat that is not yet fully understood. It’s believed that humpbacks follow cues of temperature, ocean currents, and the earth’s magnetic field to navigate nearly 3,000 miles of open ocean. Once in warmer waters, the whales engage in mating, calving, and nursing activities.

Maui whale watching is what we do, join us aboard our high speed ocean rafts for the experience of a lifetime. Did you know that a humpback whale can weigh close to 80,000 lbs and be more than 45 ft long. Our rafts take small groups and we stray far from the beaten path. Our tours are aboard small vessels that make each seat a front row seat. It is truly amazing to be mere feet from these 90,000 lb. gentle giants.

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