Maui whale watches

Our Maui whale watches will begin on December 15th 2015. The whales may begin arriving in small numbers any day now. You may get very lucky and see one before December, but there aren't enough whales to justify any actual Maui whale watches until December. Many of our November snorkeling tours get lucky and sight a whale or two. All of our tours last a full two hours and sometimes a bit more if we get "mugged" by some whales. If the whales approach the raft to check us out (which they do a lot) we have to shut down all engines and can' move until they leave. You never know what kind of behaviors you will encounter on any given whale watch. There is something special about our tours, our rafts are super low profile. This means you may find yourself eye to eye with one of these gentle giants. many operations out there take upwards of 60 passengers aboard large vessels. On this type of tour you may find yourself peering down from 10 feet above over someones shoulder. Hardly ideal for an up close and personal experience. Our eco rafts take 16 passengers comfortable and offer a less invasive whale watch. Our rafts are also fast, which means we can spend less time travelling and more time whale watching!