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Maui snorkeling and whale watching are what we have been doing for the past 30 years, we are so grateful to be able to be in this business!We are a small family company and we know that times are still   tough out there. We also know that there a lot of choices for you when you are   planning your snorkeling and whale watching adventures. As we head into the   new year we would like to take this opprotunity to say thank you for your   business. We will continue to offer our 2013 prices through   2014.

Maui snorkeling and whale watching

We will continue to offer all of our vessels for private charter in the years to come. The island star is a 57' Columbia sailing yacht that will allow you to whale watch and snorkel in luxury. The shooting star is a sleek scarab speedboat, she is fast and fun! We aslo have high speed eco rafts, these guys are very versatile and exciting. You can give us a call at 808-661-RAFT to customize your perfect trip. Maui whale watching and snorkeling trips can also be booked directly through our website. www.hawaiioceanrafting.com