snorkelers on MauiAs anyone who has gone out with us before will attest, our captains and crew are highly experienced and helpful in all things snorkeling and marine life. To make sure that you get the most out of your snorkeling trip we have compiled a few Maui snorkeling tips to prepare you for your snorkeling experience.

The Mask

It is helpful to try on and adjust the mask before you leave the harbor, this ensures that you wont waste any valuable snorkeling time. To begin make sure to brush all the hair from your face and move the strap out of the way, next push the mask onto your face and gently inhale to seal the mask to your face. The mask should remain there unsupported, if it does you should pull the strap around your head and adjust straps until comfortable. Feel free to ask for assistance at any time. in order to keep the mask from fogging up there is a defogging solution aboard the vessel.  Also ask for an optical mask before the boat leaves the dock to ensure you wont miss a thing.


Fins are not mandatory for snorkeling, but they help you move much more quickly through the water. It is easiest to put your fins on while seated in the location that you wish to enter the water from. Walking with fins on is both awkward and a bit dangerous. When you are ready to return to the boat you should take you fins off first. There will be a crew above that you can pass your fins to before you climb the swim ladder.

The Snorkel

The snorkel is pretty self explanatory. Breath naturally as you float or swim along the surface. If it seems like the is not staying upright while you are snorkeling the strap that attaches to the mask can be adjusted, just ask for assistance from the captain or crew. When you return to the surface from a deeper dive just give a short puff of air to clear and water from the snorkel.

A final note on Maui snorkeling is that coral is really quite fragile. Coral is easily damaged by contact and is also often quite sharp. It takes many years for reef to grow. Please avoid contact with coral.