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snorkel maui

When you join us to snorkel Maui's fabulous coral reefs you will find the colors and sights as beautiful and diverse as the famous sunsets of Maui. The corals reefs are far more than just a beautiful sight to behold, they are also something to be protected and cared for. For our part we can make sure that we never come into physical contact with the reefs with flippers, feet, hands etc.

Coral reefs are the world's most  productive marine ecosystems. Reef building corals contain tiny cells of symbiotic algae that convert sunlight and nutrients into fuel for coral growth and production. Other types of corals that do not require warm water or sunlight are found in deep water, providing important habitats for many other species. Healthy coral reefs are some of the most biologically diverse and economically valuable ecosystems on earth, providing food, jobs, recreational opportunities, coastal protection and other important services to billions of people world-wide.  Coral reefs provide habitat for one-third of all marine fish species, build tropical islands, protect coasts from waves and storms, contain an array of potential pharmaceuticals, and support tourism and fishing industries worth billions of dollars. Coral reefs are also fundamental to the fabric of local communities, providing a source of food, materials and traditional activities.

The coral reefs are key to our survival as a business but also for us as humans, we hold this fact close whenever we snorkel Maui.