small vessel tours

Large vs. Small vessel tours; Which is best for you?

We have been on the boating business her on Maui for 30 years and have seen tours of  all shapes and sizes. We specialize in small vessel tours for small groups of guests. A larger vessel may be a good choice for you if you have any mobility challenges or prefer to have access to gift shops and a cocktail bar while out and about on the ocean. You may prefer our small group tours aboard our speedy ocean rafts if you would like to step from the beaten path and focus on reaching the best snorkeling that Maui Nui has to offer. Our rafts are fast which allows us to spend less time travelling and more time SNORKELING (plus the quick ride is a bit of an adventure in itself). If you are looking for adventure and and don't require all the ammenities of land we are your tour. We will take tou to the sparsely inhabited island of Lana'i. Lana'i is home to towering sea cliffs and myriad different reff formations just below its crystal blue waters.