lanai snorkeling tour

This time of year the best way to see a whale is to hop on a Lanai Snorkeling Tour!

Snorkeling or Whale Watching

Maui is home to a vast variety of marine life just waiting to be discovered. Snorkeling is the number one of the top 4 must do activities on maui. Snorkeling is availabe throughout the year all around Maui. We would suggest that you hop on one of our rafts and get away from the road system for the best snorkeling. We will wisk you to the neighbor island of Lana’i and all of it’s pristine glory. Lana’i is a sparsely habited private island with breathtaking sea cliffs and dramatic lava formations above and below the oceans surface. The entire place is teeming with a rainbow of tropical fish as well as several species of Dolphin! If you will be on Maui between December and May, you should definately book a whale watching tour. Our tours leave from Lahaina harbor for a full 2 hours dedicated to whale watching. Our rafts are fast which means we can step off the beaten path and spend less time traveling and more time whale watching! The gentle giants leave a lasting impression on all who meet them, it is pretty magical to get up close.

Unique Island Style Dining and a Luau

Maui is home to a melting pot of cultures that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This rare combination of cultures from all over the globe results in a culinary experience not to be missed. Whether you pick up a musubi at minute stop or take in the Old Lahaina Luau you are sure to experience flavor combinations that do not occur anywhere else.

Hana or Haleakala

These two destinations offer the best of the two extremes of Maui’s rugged landscape. The stark granduer of the Haleakala crater is especially dramatic at sunrise and sunset. If you take the time to hike down into the crater it is like visiting an alien landscape (think Mars). The giant telescopes loom in the distance and the silverswords bloom silently all around. *the silver sword lives nowhere else on earth. Hana on the other hand is a lush and secretive jungle. The tiny winding highway skirts jawdropping cliffs and hudreds of waterfalls just at the edge of dense inpenetrable rainforest. Stop for banana bread on the way, and take your time. Hana is home to the seven sacred pools as well as Hamoa beach.

A Day At The Beach

Maui just isn’t Maui without a few days devoted to the beach. Sunkissed cheeks and sandy toes may be all you have to show for your efforts, but you won’t regret this at all. The thing about Maui is that the gentle trade winds are always blowing, they keep it just cool enough. Our waters hover around 80 degrees and there is always a bit of shade on our treelined beaches. As you bask in the paradese the trades blow the scent of jasmine and plumeria through the air and you can truly relax. For many this is the highlight of Maui.