Lanai Has A Secret!

Lanai Has a Secret

Lanai is home to several different species of dolphin which usually greet us upon our arrival to the shores of Lanai. There is something about our quick rafts and wake that the dolphins find irresistable. They jump, spin and surf along side as we approach our first snorkeling spot. When you snorkel Lanai you will discover a snorkelers paradise. We sometimes see the more rare and elusive bottle nosed dolphins. These beauties travel in small groups or pairs and are always quite curious. During whale season they are the dolphin that we most often see enteracting with the humpbacks. The spinner dolphins are quite a bit more common and are more likely to be the ones putting on a show. They leap and spin up to 5 times before landing back in the water with a resounding slap. You may also see the Pan Tropical spotted dolphins which travel in large pods and are also likely to leap gracefully out of the water time and time again.

The Landscape is Unlike Anything on Maui

With so many wonderful rock lava formations all around the island there is a spot for each type of weather.  This is one of the wonderful things about having this whole island at our fingertips, she offers something for everyone. The giant sea cliffs of Lanai offer a striking backdrop as well as protection from swells and high winds. There are pinnacles rising to just below the surface in sixty feet of water and outcroppings reaching out of the sea in the middle of calm little bays. Snorkel Lanai and find such a diverse experience all in one trip. If you join us for our full day snorkel  tour, you will see the giant shipwreck towering from Lanai’s shallow coastal waters.

You Don’t need an Airplane to Get There

For those of you that have ever watched a sunset from the shores of Maui, you have undoubtedly seen the majestic island of Lanai. Lana’i is the star of the show that darkens in sillouhette as the colors deepen and flash and night falls. Our tours leave daily from Lahaina harbor on Maui’s majestic West side and set out for this hidden gem of an island. If you enjoy stepping off the beaten path and experiencing nature in its purest form, this tour is for you. We specialize in small group tours aboard our speedy ocean rafts, no cattle cars here. We offer both a half and full day snorkeling tour as well as seasonal whale watching (December-May).  If you have a free Sunday during your star here on Maui you may wan’t to consider our full day tour. The full day tour circumnavigates the entire island of Lana’i as well as take you up close to a giant shipwreck. If you book directly online you will save an automatic %10!  Lanai Has a Secret!