As whale watching season winds down we will undoubtedly have a last whale watch of the season. The day will come when we head out to watch some whales and there are none to be seen. When this happens we will call it a day.  If you happen to be schedulrd for a whale watch trip after the date of our final whale watch we will gladly refund you or move you balance over to one of snorkeling tours that also leave from Lahaina harbor.

Our rafting trips are a great way to avoid crowds, usual trips are made up of just 3 or 4 families. If you are a group of eight, you are more than half the crowd.  You will find that by the time you return to Lahaina harbor it feels like one big family on the raft. Our full day Maui snorkel trips spend 7-8 hours circumnavigating the island of Lanai. The trip is an adventure to say the least. Our high speed rafts are a blast and can zip across the channel to Lanai in 45 minutes. It usually takes a bit longer because we usually spot pods of dolphins on the way over. We conveniently leave daily from Lahaina harbor.


Lahaina slip 8,