It's getting hot out there: 5 ways to beat the heat

ways to beat the heat


Take advantage of your locale on these super hot and humid days. The ocean is always cooler than the air and that is a big deal on days like today. Record temps are expected and may reach the low 90s. There is nothing like the breezes created by a fast moving vessel on the sea! It only gets better when you feel the cool kiss of the ocean on your sunwarmed skin. Hop on a snorkeling tour and you can spend a few hours submerged in the gently warm waters around Maui and Lanai. Hawaii Ocean Rafting takes small group tours far from the beaten path aboard high speed ocean rafts.

Jungle hike

Not only do the jungles provide shade but there is often another hidden surprise. Some are well known and others are more local knowledge kind of spots. There is nothing more refreshing than a swim in a cool river pool or a dip under a waterfall. You will find numerous spots on the way to Hana or stay closer to home at Iao stream. Bring your mosquito repellant and some decent hiking shoes. Local kine slippahs arent so good in the muddy terrain often found in these areas.


When you really just nead a break from the sun, nothing beats a little artificial cool. You could pop into the post office which may just be the cooest place in the islands. There are several movie theaters around Maui too. For those visiting taking a quick respite in your hotel room just may do the trick. Relax, recharge, and get back out there. Don’t forget you hats and sunblock!

Northshore Breezes

The ocean is always a few degrees cooler on the North shore and the trade winds are almost always at full force. Drive out to Hookipa and watch the kite surfers under one of the shaded gazebos. The North shore is home to some of Maui’s most epic surf breaks, pack a coller and enjoy the show!

Cold Drinks

Maui knows how to do cold drinks as well as cold desserts. You can’t go far without finding the super popular loval treat known as shave ice! This gem comes in almost any flavor that you could imagine and is a sure fire way to beat the heat. There are also several varieties of locally made ice cream. You could also stop in almost any eatery along Lahaina’s Front Street and enjoy an icy margarita or Mai Tai.

**A little expert advice, for what it’s worth…. Hop on a morning snorkeling tour and spend the afternoon sipping cocktails along Front Street followed by a well deserved nap in your icy cool hotel room! Can’t beat that!