Do black Friday and cyber Monday got ya down?

Have black Friday and cyber Monday got you down?

The Problem

Sometimes you may emerge from the Thanksgiving holiday feeling a bit disjointed. We spend Thursday relaxing and focusing on our gratitude for all that we have. Family and friends come from near and far to eat, drink, and be merry. Then all of the sudden the very next day we are told to get out there and buy all this new stuff that we don't have already. The crowds can be stressful and so can the feelings of being under some kind of a deadline. We all need to save a few bucks where we can, even if it isn't the most relaxing way to spend Thanksgiving weekend.


The Antedote

There is nothing like spending a few hours out on the water to wipe away any worries you may have. The waves and sea breeze are a natural destressor for most people. All you have to do is hop on board our ocean raft and let us wisk you away from it all. We take small groups that ensure a more intimate whale watching experience. Our speedy rafts also allow us to escape the crowds of slower and larger vessels that tend to all circle sround the first whales they see. Just sit back and relax. We will scan the horizon for the majestic humpbacks. When we see the whales we will head in their direction and shut down our engines when we are within 100 yards or so. The silence is nice for us and the whales. It is not uncommon for a whale to swim right up and check us out, even swim below the raft and surface with a powerful breath on the other side of the raft. To top  it all off we will drop our hydrophone in the water and broadcast the whale songs from the depths below for your listening pleasure.

The Solution

If you still have some shopping left in you and look forward to some real relaxation in the near future, now is the time to Book your whale watch. Our whale watching tours are available beginning this December 15th and continue throughout the year until May. Our big sale lasts for about another two weeks, not to much pressure. If you book you tours before Dec 15 you will lock in 2016 prices throughout the 2017 season. Even if you aren't sure of your dates, you can book now and change them later on. Even if your Maui vacation is closer to Easter than Christmas, you can relax in knowing that you have one more think marked off the list.