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Now is the time to book your Private Charter!

Have you ever dreamed about cruising around Maui in a private speedboat? Imagine just you and your favorite people spending the day doing exactly what you want when you want to. Maybe you have been out on a tour and wished you could have stayed at a spot for longer. Sometimes our on a tour you may see something fom a distance and wished to check it out from up close? With a private charter you can customize a trip to fit your family and friends unique desires.


Zip over to the island of Lana'i for some world class snorkeling. There are towering cliffs and sea caves as well as massive pinnacles rising from the depths to just kiss the surface of turquoise blue. You can even venture to the North shore of Lana'i to check out the giant shipwreck. We can also take you to the world renowned Honolua Bay and you can hop right off the boat into some of the best snorkeling on the planet. If you visit this spot via the road system you have a bit of a trek on your hands.


The islands that make up Maui Nui have endless striking views. You can customize a delectable meal and enjoy the day cruising around seeing the sights. This is the best way to collect some seriously instagram worthy shots from your vacation. The striking West Maui Mountains set against the crystal blue sea is truly striking. The towering sea cliffs of Lana'i are not only spectacular but you will often find dolphins frolicking there.


We are able to take as many as 6 people diving during one of our private charters aboard the Scarab. You can completely costomize what kind of dives you would like to do. There are options for all experience levels. An absolute favorite is Cathedrals on the island of Lana'i. It gets its name from the stained glass appearance from the inside of this breathtaking lava formation. Swim inside and you will see sunlight pouring through myriad spaced and holes, it is magical!

Now is the Time to Book your Private Charter!

Why now, you ask? Well, the weather is mild and very cooperative this time of year. The crowds are down as kids are mostly back to school and Summer has come to an end. Really is there ever a bad time to go on the trip of a lifetime? There is one more reason and it is a good one. We are offering a whopping 30% off all private charters for the entire month of September! You can book our sleek Scarab speedboat or our super fun high speed eco rafts all month at this special rate.Click here to book your private charter and use promo code "privatecharterseptember"  Private Charter September