How to See the Mysterious Lana’i Shipwreck

The rugged north shore of Lana'i is home to something quite unusual. As you approach an area called Kaiolohia you will be astonished to see a massive 375' rusty giant towering above the surf. The sight of the leaning hull of a dark ship against the tropical splendor may give you goosebumps.

awesome Lana'i Shipwreck adventure

An AWESOME Shipwreck Adventure

Most Maui visitors have never heard about this gigantic ghost ship thanks to its sheer remoteness. There a few ways to see this beauty for yourself. The first involves travelling to Lana'i by boat or plane. Then, renting a jeep or other off-road vehicle and hunting for it by land. This would certainly be an adventure. It would also be expensive and you could only see the ship from a distance.

The Best Way to see the Lana’i Shipwreck from Maui

The best way to see the Lana’i shipwreck is to let us take you right to it. If the tide is right you can even snorkel on the waters surrounding the wreck. You show up at the Lahaina Harbor just steps off Front Street. Hop on our ocean raft for a full day snorkeling tour and behold this "bucket list" sight for yourself.

This fun and adventurous trip departs at 7:00 am in order to take advantage of the early calm weather. You get to travel around the entire island of Lana'i. Lana'i is an island of breathtaking views, towering cliffs, and rugged landscapes. The waters around Maui and Lanai are home to pods of Hawaiian Spinner, spotted, and bottlenose dolphins. The reefs are teeming with colorful fish and corals, as well as the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. This tour is the adventure of a lifetime!

The Mysterious YOGN-42

There is so much mystery and lore surrounding this vessel. Something about it sparks the imagination. How did it get here? Why is it still here? What happened?

She survived WWII even as her tug the USS Navajo was sunk by a Japanese submarine. This is a fact made even more amazing considering this entire ship was made from cement. There sheer weight of the vessel makes its very existence seem unbelievable.

Lana'i Shipwreck

She was built in the early 1940s to supply fuel to support war efforts. When the war ended and steel was no longer on short supply the cement fleets were scuppered for lighter more fuel efficient ships.

The ship was decommissioned and intentionally in the 1950s. The Kaiolohia Bay area has been her resting spot ever since.

Ready see this majestic sight?

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Lana'i Shipwreck  Lana'i Shipwreck