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5 of 5 stars3 days agoReviewed by Amy Z
We traveled in a group of four at 8:00 am to Lanai. We got very lucky to only have 6 people on the boat (including us). We saw a baby and mother whale swim right by us and them swim under the boat. After that we got closer to Lanai and saw around 200 spinner dolphins. They chased the boat and they sadly left. The first snorkel stop we went to they called the pinnacles. We saw tons of fish including moorish idols, reef triggerfish, parrotfish, yellow tangs and tons more! After we all got back on board, they gave us snacks. We got fruit and Sweet bread. The fruit was so fresh and yummy and my daughter aboustley loved the sweet bread. After we all dryed off we took a quick ride around to look for whales and dolphins but didn't see any so we headed to the next snorkeling stop. This stop was pretty easy and shallow. It didnt have big surf the day the we were there (its also a protected bay). We saw a turtle, colourful coral, cool fish, octupus, squid and more! After we got safetly back on the boat, they gave us sandwiches (without meat) and vegetables. After we all finished up we headed back and started whale watching. We saw a baby whale breaching with its mother right beside the boat!! But after that we headed in and were very sad the trip was over. :(