If you find yourself with a few more gifts to check off the list, you are probably not alone. The holidays can certainly sneak up on us. most folks work right up until Christmas and the kids get out of school mere days before the big day. This accelerated countdown can leave you holding an empty bag. Another difficulty touching a lot of us these days is the fact that we all live so far apart. When we are all spread across the country and even the world, the gift giving deadlines are even tighter. It is far too late to ship a physical gift. What to do? Have you considered a Christmas gift of whale watching?

We Have the Answer

Are any of the folks on your Christmas list planning on a Maui vacation any time over the coming year? Maybe you have family here in the islands. Maybe your own family will be visiting Maui. There is no easier gift to give than a gift certificate, just purchase and print.

When you give the gift of a whale watching tour you will not be locked into dates. The gift recipient can choose and change their dates as they wish. What an exciting way to let the kids know that they are going on a family vacation to Maui: let them open a package with whale watching tour reservations inside. It’s ideal for your friends and family that reside on Maui. Many of us that live here never actually get out there on a whale watch. It is an affordable and unexpected surprise.

Learn About The Kohola

Kohola (whales) have long since been a part of Hawaii’s rich culture and heritage. In fact, our chant of creation vividly describes the birth of whales. Today, Hawaii is known for its Humpback whales which attract visitors in the thousands every season. These whales get their name from their rounded back when they dive down. Close to 80% of the 10,000 whales that migrate to Hawaii end up in Maui. Don’t think you’ll see thousands of whales at once, though! Humpback whales are known to migrate in a trickle pattern.

What Does Whale Watching Entail

Our low-to-water style of vessels and family-style (less than 16 people) make whale watching an unforgettable experience! We depart from the Lahaina harbor and search for whales along Maui’s coast. Apart from observing whale behaviors, you can listen to whale songs on the hydrophone! Our marine naturalists will be a wealth of information on Hawaiian culture.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It is common for material Christmas gifts to lose their luster over time. Our whale watching tours are operated aboard small vessels that specialize in small group tours. Each seat is a front seat and will give you the best photo opportunities out there. Bring your Go Pro and capture the graceful humpbacks by just reaching your hand overboard. The pictures, videos, and memories will last a lifetime. A whale watching tour is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Book directly with us and save 15% automatically.