Join us for some lanai snorkeling!

snorkel around the island of Lanai


We are a small family company and have been operating here on Maui for more than 30 years. Having been in the business for a while we have tailored our tours to offer the best snorkeling Maui has to offer. We have high speed eco rafts that are fast and exciting.We think that to snorkel around the island of Lanai is the pinnacle of snorkeling in the islands that make up Maui. We do not go to Molokini crater because it has been over snorkeled, it seems like there are more boats that wildlife at this point. So we choose to stray far from the beaten path and believe that this also provides you with the best experience in an eco friendly way. Lanai is an island of breathtaking scenery both above and below the surface. When you snorkel around the island of Lanai you will snorkel in places where towering cliffs dissapear into the sea 5 feet from your mask and below the surface a 60 ft tall pinnacle just kisses the surface. join us for a snorkel around the island of Lanai and experience the abundant fishes, turtles, dolphins, whales, and breathtaking vistas of Lanai.