whale watching tour

The humpbacks are a part of the Maui seascape every year between December and May. If you plan to visit the islands this winter you really must go on a whale watching tour. Keep in mind that this also high season here on Maui. You should try to book well in advance.This is the time of year that humpback whales make the journey from Alaska to Hawaii to mate and give birth. Did you know that whale calves may gain up to 100 pounds a day from nutrients in their mothers milk, even though adult whales don't eat at all during their stay in Hawaiian waters. Because of the devastation wreaked in the whale population by the whaling industry ( beginning in the early 1800s), whales have struggled to increase their numbers. Today there are all sorts of regulations in place to protect the whales that winter off Maui's shores. The use of jet skis and parasails have been prohibited during whale season. All vessels are required to maintain a 100 yard distance from the whales. Some times a whale will swim in our direction in which case we shut down the motors and drift until the whales depart. This is often the best part of a whale watch. Sometimes they pass right below the boat and you get a reall feel for thier massive length.