maui whale watching tour

The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

Can you believe it is already December? Christmas is just around the corner. Do you have all of your Christmas shopping in the bag or do you still have that one person that is impossible to shop for? Often times the novelty of a material gift wears off and the gift is put in a drawer or the back of the closet. Taking your loved one on an ocean adventure will create memories to last a lifetime. The gift of adventure is also fun for the giver. Make sure you book yourself into the adventure and keep your loved one  company. The thing about an adventure is that you never know exactly what to expect. You may get to swim with rays or bask in the raft as dolphins frolick all around. It’s just plain fun!

Budget Friendly Gift

You won’f find a more budget friendly one of a kind gift out there (unless you make it yourself, and that can go any number of ways). Our Up Close Whale Watching tour is on Special right now for just $40.50! Our snorkeling trip to the neighbor island of Lana’i includes all of the gear, food, beverages, and expert instruction all for under $98.00 (online special!!). You can avoid the crowds out looking for deals in the mall and complete the whole shopping experience online. Just print it out and wrap it up!

The Photos!

Finally, the photos! Bring an underwater camera along with your regular camera or phone and you will go home with a treasure trove of breathtaking photos. Maui and Lana’i are home to some truly majestic coastlines that you can’t really appreciate from shore. As you depart the harbor you can capture the West Maui mountains in all of their glory. We suggest that you blow one of these photos up to grace the walls of her home forever. Underwater is home to an unimagineable pallet of colors, coming alive with the tropical fish and living coral reefs