summer snorkeling in Maui

Summer snorkeling in Maui is the best way to beat the heat!

As the rest of the country experiences record high temperatures, some places are upwards of 100 degrees, Maui remains pleasant. With the trade winds steady we are  hovering just around 80 degrees. Summer snorkeling in Maui is one of the absolute best ways to cool off. Our crystal clear waters are relatively cool and refreshing. If you plan to escape the summer heatwave on the Mainland, Maui is a great choice. Our speedy ocean rafts are superfun and the wind in your hair feels great. Let us wisk you away to the island of Lanai, which is home to some of the worlds best snorkeling. Lanai is a sparsely habited private island just a short trip from Lahaina harbor on Maui. The reffs and waters surrounding the island are nearly untouched and you wont believe the lava formations that lie just below the surface. Summer snorkeling in Maui is just a step away. Check us out online or stop by our "office" at slip 8 in Lahaina harbor. Book online and save an automatic %15. We specialize in small group tours stepping far from the beaten path. Because our rafts are fast we can spend less time travelling and more time snorkeling!